Early Travel Memories

I live in Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental which is located in the Visayas Region. During the 80s, my mom and I would travel to Manila every summer to visit my dad.

I couldn’t really elaborate about my dad’s work back then but it made him stay in Manila.  He would see my mom every weekend and if we had our chance, we would go to him. My dad, being a traveler himself, would take us to different places such as Ilocos Norte, Baguio, Cavite, and Laguna. I enjoyed visiting those places because of the fresh air. I never complained about anything because I was too young to even think about “complaining”. Riding our car for long drives was thrilling. Even at a young age, I already had this penchant for going from one place to another.

Another traveler in the family is Tita Elsa. She had a bestfriend whom we called “Cha Lilia” (just like saying Aling Lilia in Ilonggo) who would go to the States or Europe every year. Cha Lilia would ask my aunt to accompany her… for free. Yes, FOR FREE. So my aunt would travel (usually) every year to Paris, Vancouver, Geneva, New York, or San Francisco and stay there for MONTHS. She’d come back later with huge balikbayan boxes full of items such as socks, jewelry (the fake ones of course), hair and nail accessories, clothes, shoes, chocolates, etc. You name it, the balikbayan box had it.

Before Tita Elsa passed away in 2004, I got to spend one summer vacation with her way back in the 80s. I believe it was in Tagaytay. I was too young to remember but it was a time I’d cherish up to now because of a great opportunity to travel with a loved one.

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