2 thoughts on “The Truth About Nga Hoang Hotel

  1. Well, I just wrote something about this hostel here: http://blog.notreally.org/2012/06/06/dont-stay-at-nga-hoang-backpackers/

    And while I agree with you to some extent, I’m sorry, this is a business and she has to take good care of the customers. If she’s this forgetful and runs into the same problem every time, I’d say she’s got a problem she needs to address.

    Customers are not samaritans who need to put up with her, well, behaviour. There are plenty of other hostels around who offer a much better service and pleasant experience overall.

    • I’m sorry that this has to happen to you-I read your blogpost. I agree that customers have to be taken care of. I also hope that she will take the comments of her customers seriously as I don’t want her to lose her business. But I agree with one of those who commented on your post. It’s not because of Viet culture; I hope that the result of your effort to write to LP will be an eye-opener for the lady.

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