Holy Week Destination: Sagada?

This morning, I woke up to a text message that made me think of my mortality. In 2010, I made a “travel bucket list” of places that I would like to visit before I die…or before my legs tell me to stop traveling. One of the places in the list is Sagada. To be honest, I prioritize traveling outside the Philippines more than traveling within the Philippines. But I have my reason: for one, I live here and while I’m still young (aba!) and I still have the strength to work and save, I’d rather save for something that I may not be able to afford when I grow old. It may not be a reason many people would accept but it’s my personal understanding of how I should balance my life.

Anyway, a good friend of mine asked me if I’m available this coming Holy Week for a little vacation to none other than the beautiful Sagada. It is #2 on my Travel Bucket List and I have 13 more places to go to before I could finally say, “I’m done. Off to bed!”.

I have yet to confirm though because of the financial aspect (of course) marred by a recent “change” in the course of my life and my work schedule (I’m not sure if they’re letting us off on Wednesday or Thursday). But, if all goes well, I hope to conquer the following:

1. Lumiang-Sumaguin cave
This is #1 in almost all Sagada itineraries. The experience will test everything including your mental strength (because it can be very scary). A friend told me that there are hundreds (or thousands even) of spiders inside that cave. You see, I’m arachnophobic. A tiny daddy longlegs can freak me out. If I see a bigger spider, I might faint. But I have to do this because it’s something that one cannot experience while in Sagada. So for the next few days, I will try to conquer my fear by reading about spiders, looking at spider photos and tell them I love them, watch “Arachnophobia”, and try to touch a house spider for the first time in my entire life.

“I will try to love you….” *So help me God*
(This photo is grabbed from Google. As of today, I can only stare at it for less than 3 seconds)

2.  Mt. Ampacao
They say it’s going to be an easy climb and the view from the top is breathtaking. Here’s a photo (I don’t own this photo. Again, I just grabbed it from Google. Props to the photographer. Sorry man, I just had to give an example)

*Isn’t she gorgeous??

3.  Log Cabin
I’m a fan of eating good food (who isn’t?). But I’m more particular about the ambiance, especially if it goes well with liquor (eg. Green Tangerine in Vietnam or Forest House in Baguio). In Sagada, they say the Log Cabin is one place to go to if you want to eat a good meal while drinking a bottle of ice cold beer. A traveler mentioned that the restaurant’s Saturday night buffet should not be missed.

How can you say NO to this:

Photo taken from the Log Cabin Facebook Page

So I hope that this trip will push through so I could erase one of my “Travel Goals” in my “Travel Bucket List”. Don’t worry mom, I have a LOOONNNG way to go 🙂

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