Today is the day

Tonight, we leave for Bontoc in the Mountain Province. We’ll be staying there until Saturday morning, then leave for Sagada which is about a 45 minute ride away. My companions and I have decided to go caving. I’m nervous but very excited because I know that I can handle it (and by the way, my friend said that Spiderman is not around, only Batman and hundreds of his cousins 🙂

We’ll be in Sagada until Sunday morning and head back to Manila on the same day. The journey is quite hectic but, I guess the timing is right. I’m currently nursing a sore throat and a runny nose. Hopefully, this will all go away by tomorrow (I just took 1000mg vitamin c capsule and a paracetamol).

I’ve met many travelers who were under the weather while traveling. The thing is, you can’t let anything stop you IF your body can still handle it. I’m not saying that you should overexpose your body, rather, trust your instinct and know your limits. You may be sick but you can still travel. Just don’t go out on a drinking spree or something that will just heighten whatever you’re feeling. Go for it but at the same time, be smart.

I mentioned in my travel bucket list that Sagada should be experienced with friends. I’m glad that I’ll be with 4 good people on my trip. Pictures and details coming soon….

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