The Indonesia Incident

I felt bad when I read about the two Filipina girls who recently went to Bali (read here: The recent execution of the Filipino drug mules in China created an unforgivable stigma, which led to tighter security and put our nation on the hot list when it comes to smuggling drugs.

Unfair? Perhaps yes. But I agree with one reader who posted that we can’t blame anyone. To quote him:

“This is the misconception that people have sometimes when it comes to travel. We really have to research, not just the hotels with the cheapest rates or the restaurants with the best food, we also need basic knowledge of the laws in other countries, especially laws pertaining to tourists and immigrants.”

Indonesia, I’m sure, is a beautiful country and there are many good people living in that country. Unfortunately, what happened to the Pinoy drug mules in China became a warning. And, we really can’t blame the rest of the world for watching a close eye on Filipino travelers.

This will not stop me from traveling, however. And I hope that this will not stop those who also love to travel. But if there’s one thing I would like to end, it’s drug smuggling.

We can all live without it.

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