The 2012 Travel plan – Step 1: Plant the Seed

For the past few months, I’ve been thinking of another great trip. I’ve read so many sites and blogs and most of the authors quit their jobs to travel. I WILL BE heading towards that path very soon but for now, I’m thinking of just one big plan for next year.

The Questions Are:

Why not quit my job and travel?

Why not travel now?

Here are my answers:

1. My family is in a financial crisis. I had to move out earlier this year and find a place for myself. I’m slowly climbing back to my used-to-be-steady situation. I don’t want to rush things even if I want to grab that backpack to some place outside the Philippines once again. Someone might say, life has no guarantees. My answer is: but this involves a bigger thing— my family. So I’m taking it a day a time, yet I’m already planning for the big 2012 travel plan.

2. I can’t quit my job NOW. I have to piece a few things together. One of them is a travel blog with one of my good buddies whom I traveled with in 2009. That Southeast Asian trip unleashed the nomad inside. We were supposed to come up with something but due to so many things that happened along the way, we had to take a breather. Right now, we’re back and ready to hit the road! Also, since I’m starting over (due to stupid decisions I’ve made earlier in my life),  I have to…SAVE money. I’ll talk about that next time.

Reading blogs and stories about MAKING IT HAPPEN has inspired me to pursue my dreams further. Since I’m not quitting my job now, my plan is to take a month off next year to travel to:

China …cross the border to Laos and head to Thailand

I’ve been to Thailand already but I want to stay longer and see other places such as Chiang Mai. Why not 3 months or 6 months? I made up my mind to still work. 🙂 Yeah, corporate work sucks but I still have to save money since I no longer depend on my family financially.

So far, this plan has been supported by so many unexpected ….I don’t know… I want to call it SIGNS.

1. Moon Cake Festival – When I entered a mall months ago, all the salespeople were in their Chinese costumes to celebrate the Moon Cake festival. How timely 🙂
2. A Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon poster in Pancake house – After thinking about going to China, I became so hungry that I decided to hit Pancake House and it was there where I saw the poster.
3. A MULAN part 2 DVD! – It revealed itself to me after hiding in a messy DVD box for so long!
4. Chinoy TV ad (Net 25) – Unreal. I was talking about it and all of a sudden the ad came out on TV.

And of course, there are the blogs…the lovely travelers all over the world who continue to write amazing stories.

So right now, I’m planting the seed of my 2012 plan. I’ll water this seed everyday and hope to see this grow as huge as a Sequoia tree. I still have to do plenty of research of course and try to be as open-minded as possible. Cheers to this plan and good vibes!

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