Birth, Relationship,Travel, Death

The title is inspired by this shirt:


I like this shirt because it shows the phases of life. We are born, we go to school, we do what we want, and die eventually.  Sadly, DEATH is and will always be the last phase in our mortal existence (afterlife shall not be discussed for now 😉 ). Stopping it is out of the question, but what happens before it is what matters.

This coming November, I’ll be heading to Bohol. But things have been bugging me lately, and they’re not even about the vacation itself.

Just two days ago, someone I know passed away. A few months ago, another good friend passed away. Earlier this year, half of the family of a good friend died in a tragic accident, and another friend decided to end his life. I attended more funerals than birthday parties this year to be honest. Death is inevitable, but should we allow it to haunt us?

What about relationships? How do we keep the fire burning? You want this but your partner wants another thing. If compromise is the only way, the question is, how?

These questions seem to look at relationships and death as impediments to a goal. I’ve been contemplating on both since I have travel dreams…dreams to be a digital nomad, and to write stories that have never been written before. Money is a BIG issue when it comes to travel, but it’s something one can overcome easily. Death and relationships, on the other hand, will forever be implanted in your subconscious even if you’re enjoying an Italian afternoon.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. The only thing I can think of right now is to ACCEPT whatever’s going to happen. The shirt is a reminder that we cannot stop the inevitable, but we can actually DO THINGS before the last dance. Lars, James, Kirk, and Robert (and Cliff and Jason) had a choice. And they chose Metallica. My choice at the moment is to accept. Of course, I don’t want to ruin a relationship, as much as I don’t want to die or anybody else I love to die. But if I don’t accept these things, I might ruin my own life.

Acceptance is the most difficult part of being alive. I look at Rolf Potts, Sherry Ott, Gavin Gough, etc and I’m sure they, like me, also have many questions (I don’t want to think that I’m the only one being haunted by REALITY). But I’m sure these folks have come to accept life, that’s why they’re out there enjoying it and embracing all the hardships that come along with it.

Embrace. Accept. Enjoy. Love.

I think that would make a good shirt. Can’t wait for my date with a tarsier.

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