Sick After Travelling

For the past 2 years, my body has adapted a trend of becoming weak and contracting a virus after traveling. I recently came back from the beautiful Bohol after 6 days of travel. Two days later, while working at the office, I started to feel weak. I heard that one of my colleagues had a cold. I ignored it and spent the entire Friday night sleeping. The following morning, I took an energy and vitamin supplement and slept some more. I had to rest because I was in for a long bus ride to Pampanga, a province roughly an hour away from the capital, Manila, where my good friend decided to celebrate her birthday. It was all cool when I arrived in Pampanga. I ate alot and drank a little white wine. Since I cannot say no to someone offering a cold bottle of beer, I had to drink it as a sign of respect.

The effect? I woke up early this morning with a very bad cold. My friend and I were supposed to visit Duty Free in Clark but my body couldn’t take it anymore.

Same thing happened earlier this year. After 4 days in the Mountain Province, I came back to Manila with a horrible cold. Last year, after a 2 day stay in Baguio, I also came back to Manila with a weak system.

I was told by my mother that when I was a kid, I experienced what you call a “primary complex”. I was able to conquer it but growing up, I became allergic to dust and very much susceptible to colds.

I was told to take vitamins—which I tend to forget most of the time. And I guess it’s why I’m in this condition right now.

Traveling can be stressful and the virus we get is a result of our system being too weak or exhausted. The air we breathe also matters. We may feel good in the province because of the clean air, but once we step into the bustling city we start sneezing because of the pollution.

I promised myself to take care of my health. I even quit smoking earlier this year! But I still get sick. So starting today, I believe I should:

1. TAKE VITAMINS RELIGIOUSLY – I used to take Berocca daily but I was told that too much Vitamin B may not be good for the health. Berocca should be taken during long travels but on normal days, a good vitamin C supplement is all that’s needed. We may feel good most of the time, but with climate change, I believe it’s very important to have a shield from all the viruses.

2. SLEEP EARLY – This is my biggest problem. I hate sleeping early. I feel that I have to do something big before I get my shut-eye. A friend of mine works in a very stressful environment, and sometimes, she comes home with more work to do! But she doesn’t get sick often because once the clock strikes 12, she’s off to bed. I know I have to rest early starting today.

3. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – This is too elementary but we adults tend to forget about the 8 glasses of water a day rule. We’ve replaced water with beer or cola. I know that I should start drinking more than 2 glasses of water each day. And when the throat’s bothered, lukewarm water is a must.

4. A FRUIT A DAY – As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is so true. We eat so much junk nowadays and we ignore what really is important — true, healthy food. It doesn’t have to be an apple. Any fruit will do of course. In my case, it’s mango or banana.

To really enjoy traveling, one’s health must be prioritized. It takes will and discipline. There’s no other way, really. Otherwise, traveling will remain a daydream in the bedroom.

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