WhiteMoon Sunset

I’ve always wanted to visit the WhiteMoon Bar at the Manila Ocean Park. I heard pretty good things about it when it first opened. They say it boasts of an awesome view of the sunset, giving its visitors a taste of Boracay in the middle of a bustling city. Recent reviews, however, have not been very helpful.

One’s opinion is not always correct though. Sometimes, you just have to experience something yourself to find out if the opinion is indeed valid. So I followed my instincts and headed to WhiteMoon without high expectations.

And because I went there with an open mind, I went home with a good treat.

So if you want to relax with a beer, a good dish, and a good view of Manila Bay, then this is a good place to do exactly that.

whitemoon bar ocean park, ocean park manila

ocean park manila, ocean park bar manila

The food is pricey but you get what you pay for despite the “so-so” comments of some reviewers. The tuna belly with buttered vegetables and mashed potatoes was absolutely delicious.

whitemoon bar manila, whitemoon ocean park

The best part of course was the sunset experience…

ocean park bar, manila sunset bar, manila bay bar

manila bay sunset, manila bay mall of asia

white moon bar ocean park, white moon bar manila
Till next time…

whitemoon manila, whitemoon lounge

WhiteMoon Bar
2F Sunset Quay, Manila Ocean Park
(2nd floor inside Manila Ocean Park / Behind Quirino Grandstand)

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