travel roadblock, health problems

I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office for the past few weeks. It hasn’t been easy, especially being diagnosed with a heart-related condition called “Mitral Valve Prolapse”. It is far from being terminal, but it has to be monitored to prevent it from reaching the “severe” stage which may require surgery or lead to something more dangerous such as a cardiac arrest. This is my first roadblock for the year. It can alter my plans and change the course of my entire life.

A year ago, my roadblock was my family’s financial problems. I had to move out of our rented apartment and had to start all over again with my savings. This unfortunate stage of my life didn’t allow me to travel out of the country.

Now that I have this health impediment, will this also stop me from fulfilling my travel dream this year of heading to China and Laos?

Last year’s roadblock taught me something valuable: everything happens for a reason. Maybe I wasn’t ready to go out of the country because I spent most of my time learning how to be independent. The big change taught me how to wash my own clothes, cook rice meals, and live frugally.

What will this health condition teach me? All I know is that I could no longer drink alcohol and I have to eat healthy food. Maybe this is just necessary for me to live longer, see more of the world and survive the challenges ahead. Without this problem, who knows if I’ll even make it next month? The best thing about this blessing is, I was given a chance to heal. I came across this quote from a health forum member: “You need to make it right while you can.” Indeed. Though irreversible in nature, I can still prevent it from becoming more catastrophic. Besides, we only have one life to live. Why shouldn’t we take care of it?

Despite this ordeal, the plan to travel for a month from China to Laos has somehow become less stressful. The blessing from above has been very abundant and this, in a way, has put all my financial worries to rest:

1. All my hospital bills were covered by my health insurance
2. All the medicines are, surprisingly, not too expensive
3. I now have extra work (which is not too stressful) to support my goal

I still have to work hard to achieve my dream, but I’m glad that it’s no longer as difficult as it was a few months ago. The universe is indeed listening.

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