Singapore Without A Bag

When I first visited Singapore in 2002, I did nothing but drink beer. I didn’t really like the vibe of the city so I never came back. Then a few months ago, I made a decision to re-visit Singapore with a more open mind and heart. And I’m glad I did. I enjoyed every minute of my time there…even if I didn’t bring a single bag with me.

Inspired by Rolf Potts, Nora Dunn, Jonathan Yevin, and other no-bag travelers, I flew to Singapore this week with only my clothes and a few items stuffed into the pockets of my vest.

It was a humbling and fun experience. Not only did I fulfill one of my travel goals, I also reunited with old friends and met new ones. Best of all, I have learned to love the country and its people.

Singapore is where all cultures meet. It is a land of the exotic and the modern. I feel blessed to have been given a 2nd chance to appreciate its beauty that I failed to recognize 10 years ago. I will definitely come back again.

orchard road, singapore

Orchard Road

The famous Singapore chicken rice at a hawker station

singapore zoo, singapore attractions

universal studios singapore, sentosa, vivo city singapore

For more information about the No Bag Travel Challenge, please check this out: NO BAG TRAVEL INFO

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4 thoughts on “Singapore Without A Bag

    • Yeah you should 🙂 It’s really fun and it’ll help you determine what you should bring or leave whenever you travel. Best of luck to you and thanks for checking out my photos 🙂

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