The 30 Day Journey Gear (What I’ll Bring On The Road)

I think “forgetting” comes with age 🙂 I usually forget the keys to my house, my mobile phone, or even my umbrella when I go to work. But for my upcoming journey, forgetting is something I should avoid because I’m on a budget and I can’t just buy a missing item even if it costs less than a dollar.

The following list should serve as my reminder. I applied what I’ve learned from my No-Baggage travel in relation to packing: Bring only what’s necessary. So I divided the list into three:

The NEEDS (Which I really have to buy)
The REST (I already have them and I just have to pack them) and..
The WISH (I wish I have them, but they’re too freakin’ expensive so I may never have them! So they will forever be part of the “wish” list 🙂 )

Oh, by the way, my birthday is just around the corner.


1. The 45 L Rucksack – I was diagnosed with a mild dextroscoliosis years ago and until now, I haven’t had time to get it fixed! Going to Pain and Rehab is unfortunately a pain in the ass for me. And because of this, I have to make sure to bring the right rucksack so my back won’t kill me. Though I have 2 North Face packs, they’re not useful for this journey because they’re too small. I need a bigger, durable, waterproof, 45 L rucksack which should perfectly fit my short torso. And yes, I’m already eying a 45L Sandugo backpack which costs around 2000 pesos only. It’s cheap but very durable.

2. Teva type of sandals – I’m still going to bring a pair of closed shoes but I need to buy an extra Teva type of sandals. The pair is highly recommended for long treks. It’s also easy to remove (good for temples) and you can wear socks with it! It may be in the Top 10 list of worst shoes in the world but image is not everything for this journey.

Teva type of sandals (source

3. A small alarm clock – Since I’ll be heading to a few places in Myanmar before sunrise (including a 9 hour bus ride that departs at 4am), I have to wake up early. I can’t rely on my cellphone because electricity in Myanmar is erratic so if it goes on low bat, I may have a problem. I carried a very noisy alarm clock with me during my trip to Vietnam in 2010 and it made me wake up on time despite horrible hangovers.

4. A box of prescription drugs (Beta Blockers) – This is probably the most important item I have to bring for my heart condition. Why a box? Because I’m going to spread them in case something happens (I hope nothing bad will happen of course). I have to put some of them in my rucksack, some in my belt bag, and some probably inside my extra small bag. This is one thing I can’t afford to lose while on the road.

5. A Money Belt – Myanmar only accepts dollars in mint condition, so I simply cannot put money in my wallet as I might accidentally fold it. Money belts can also protect your cash from pickpockets.

6. Door stopper – A few of my friends recommended this. I don’t know where to buy it though. So let me know if you see one here in the Philippines!

7. Safety Whistle – This is self-explanatory. A must-have especially for female travelers.

8. Lonely Planet Myanmar / Burma guide book and Lonely Planet Laos guide book – I’m not bringing my laptop with me so I hope to score these books for suggestions on where to eat or what to avoid – Update as of July 13, 2012:  Someone answered one of my birthday wishes. XOXO. Yahoo! All I need now is the LP Laos guide book 🙂

1. First aid kit
2. Beltbag
3. Clothes
-shirts (8 or less, including a nice formal type of top)
-shorts (3, including board shorts)
-jogging pants (3)
-jeans (2)
-socks (6 pairs)
-scarf (1) – I made a mistake of not bringing this one time and I had to buy one for $10 because of the unexpected cold weather!
-swim wear
-small umbrella (rain and heat protection)
4. Extra comfortable pair of closed shoes
5. Flip Flops (for the shared bathrooms)
6. Safety pins (to hang clothes just in case)
7. Sunblock
8. Soap, shampoo
9. Toothpaste / toothbrush
10. Laundry soap (I’m going to do alot of washing)
11. ipod / ipod Charger
12. Cellphone / Cellphone Charger
13. Universal socket
14. Flashlight
15. Batteries (lots of ’em!)
16. Sunglasses
17. Camera / camera charger / extra camera batteries / extra SD card > thanks to my sister for lending me her camera as I don’t own one.
18. Alcohol (disinfectant)
19. Padlock
20. Insect reppelant
21. A notebook and a pen
22. Sanitary pads
23. Thumb drive
24. Cup noodles (JUST IN CASE!) and a few cookies
25. Ear plugs
26. Towel
27. Do-rag
28. Extra small / lightweight  mailman bag or rope bag

1. DSLR camera ( HA! )
2. A Mac book ( HA! HA!)

Because I tend to forget, I may have missed something. Suggestions are welcome!

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