I’m Not Quitting My Job (yet?) To Travel

I’ve been planning this 30-day journey since October of 2011 and last May, I fearlessly sent my “asking for permission to go on leave for a month” letter to the big bosses of my company.

Non-medical related month long leaves are usually not allowed because “THIS IS THE CORPORATE WORLD AND YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT”.

BUT!!! The stars aligned.

A week after I sent my letter, I got my approval.


This is the reason why I’m not quitting my job (yet? :). Employees in the Philippines are usually given 10-20 day leave credits but in the end, it’s the management’s discretion if employees can go on month long leaves. I’m lucky in a way to work for a company that has given me this privilege.

So I’m going to share the letter I wrote to the management team. I wrote it with an honest heart…and honesty matters. Here you go:

NOTE: I removed my full name, company name, and employee ID for confidentiality purposes.

May 29, 2012

Dear Madam / Sir,

My name is (Rica), employee # *****, and I have been with ***** for 2 years and 2 months.

This coming October 27, which is a Saturday, I will be flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to start my 30-day solo backpacking / spiritual journey which will lead me to Myanmar, Laos, and finally, Thailand.

Enclosed are my tickets (Clark, Pampanga – Kuala Lumpur / Bangkok – Clark, Pampanga) to show you that I am indeed coming back to the Philippines and that I have no other agenda except to explore the places mentioned.

I am humbly asking your permission to grant me a total of 22 days leave (excluding weekends starting from business day October 29 – November 28) in order for me to fulfill this dream of mine.

If I ever consume all my paid VL credits as early as the first week of my leave, I am very much willing to take the rest of the days off without pay.

I have talked to my direct supervisor and my teammates about this and we have already come up with a plan to ensure that operations will not be marred by my absence.

I hope that you will grant my request. I’m sure the valuable lessons I will learn from this journey will mold me to become a better person not just at the workplace but also in life. I also hope to write my first book about this 30-day odyssey. I’ve been traveling for quite some time now and I hope to reach out to more people not just through my personal travel website (http:// ricasrucksack.com) but also through this book which will immortalize my experiences.

With this endeavor, I hope to INSPIRE other people to follow their dreams.
I’m very passionate about traveling and I’ve dedicated my new life to pursue the gifts of the world. May you be part of my journey in fulfilling what my heart desires the most.

Thank you for reading and I hope for your reply soon.

All the Best,


Here’s my personal copy of the approval:

quit job to travel, vagabonding


9 thoughts on “I’m Not Quitting My Job (yet?) To Travel

  1. That part where you said “I hope to INSPIRE other people to follow their dreams” gave me a push to really ponder and start working for my own. 😉 You are an inspiration already friend. Goodluck and Godbless. I am praying for you, your journey and future book 🙂

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