“Pasalamat” in my dialect Ilonggo means “to give thanks”.

A few weeks ago, I posted a Facebook message telling my friends that I’m going on a very “ambitious” journey and if they want to extend a little love in the form of toiletries, batteries, SD cards or medicine — even just a piece — they’re all free to do so.

A few days later, I unexpectedly received private messages from friends asking how they can help! I never asked for anything more than a piece of Imodium so reading positive responses was truly INSPIRING.

And because they made me so happy, I would like to dedicate this post to them…to all those who responded to a very simple Facebook message.

Actually, I told some of them not to give me “something” anymore because their effort to reply already means a lot to me.

Their gestures have proven that the world still values KINDNESS. And if you are on the path of goodness, the universe will respond with a good heart as well.

So to those who have responded, you know who you are…THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will not pay you back, but I am paying it forward. I am so touched by your kind response, and I hope to touch other people’s lives as well.

Sharing some of the stuff I received for my journey:

travel blog

The package came with an Animal Planet dedication card


Friends, your kindness inspired me so much and being a long-time supporter of The Blind Project, I paid it forward, hoping to help the survivors of commercial sex trade regain their lives back.
If you would like to know more about the Blind Project, please visit

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