A Fresh Welcome in Bangkok

After my adventure in Burma, I headed to Bangkok with only one mission: to REST.

I always believe in taking it easy while traveling. Since I’ve been to Bangkok before, I did not think of going back to see the Grand Palace or the floating markets. I just wanted to relax and live like an “unemployed” local.

My initial plan was to stay in Khao San Road but I realized that staying there would pressure me to go out and be part of that “traveler” circle, which at that time was out of my “mental itinerary”.

So I decided to stay instead with my cousin (who’s also a blogger) in Sukhumvit. And I’m really glad that I made the right decision to stay with her.

Mia Marchadesch-Jaranilla is the woman behind the Mia Y March Photography blog and the now defunct “A Matter of Taste”. She loves the arts and anything stylish. Aside from being a photographer, she’s a mother to 3 kids. Her family moved to Bangkok around 3 years ago when her husband, Jay, was relocated by his company.

Now after staying in “not so good” places, I considered her home a breath of fresh air.

Evidence 1. The guestroom bed.

bedroom design, bedroom design ideas
Just look at that big nice bed. I liked that it was white, clean and that it smelled good. The 60s / retro couch on the left is a contrast but it made the room classy and hip at the same time. It felt really good staying here, especially after experiencing a little room adventure in Burma.

Seriously, I really loved the entire house. Here are more photos:

homes in bangok, homes in thailand, expat living

The lovely living room

homes of expats, expat living bangkok

The dining area

artwork, painting

One of the gorgeous paintings

When I arrived, I saw this on top of my bed – a nice extra towel with a free loofah. A very warm welcome indeed…

loofah, gifts, expat home
Even one of the bathrooms had something sweet for the eye…

bathroom design, expat home

It was definitely a far cry from something like this…

The toilet in one of my hostel adventures

An actual toilet in one of my hostel adventures

The nice house made me feel comfortable, and it gave me my “beauty sleep” which I badly needed after going through sickness and horrible squat toilets.

I spent most of my days in Bangkok, bumming around, going to grocery stores, hanging out at malls while eating street food, getting my hair done (haircut only 🙂 ), and going from one place to another using Bangkok’s superb railway. I felt like an expat actually (not a local)…but only for a few days.

Hoping to stay here again soon!

expat thailand

With Manang Mia and her son Paolo (plus a lovely painting by RA Tijing)

Please check out A Matter Of Taste lifestyle blog – the creative hub for the chic and  modern.

3 thoughts on “A Fresh Welcome in Bangkok

  1. Wow. Thank you, Rica. I’m 55 years old. My husband and I went to Thailand during our honeymoon period in the late 80’s. We enjoyed the people and places. It was so affordable, too. It probably changed by now.
    Salamat muli! Feel free to contact me when you are in San Francisco. magdalena_deguzma@yahoo.com

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