The Book

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I should promote my new “enterprise”. I was once told by a published writer that I have to work my ass off at this stage of the process.

The mere thought of “promotion” scares me because I’m quite an introvert and I’m not really a people person. I did sell perfumes once, which you could count as my first dip into marketing, but I was never comfortable. In fact, I find it pretty hard knocking knuckles with those who can set up the right stage for what I’m about to present to my fellow Filipinos.

Before I continue, you’re probably asking what this “enterprise” of mine is. Well, the title of this post is a giveaway. Yes, I wrote a manuscript which I plan to publish eventually. I wrote it two days after I arrived from my month long journey.

The biggest question on your mind right now may be:

Who the fuck does Rica think she is?

Here are my answers to your possible questions:

  •     Who the fuck am I?

Here’s the thing: I only have a few published work to boot and I didn’t quit my job to travel. I’m just a copywriter who decided to travel despite what I went through during the past couple of years.

  •     So why am I planning to release a book?

My only answer to that is: I WANT TO GIVE BACK because I’ve been blessed. Through this book, I hope to help others fulfill their dreams, whatever they may be.

  • You think your story is a big deal?

For me, yes. I started out with 5,000 pesos (equivalent to about $123) in my bank account and managed to save up to $1000 in one year given my low income and the fact that I had to survive (pay my house rent, pay my bills, feed myself, etc). I live in the Philippines and I don’t earn much, and I can’t even buy an iPhone, but I managed to save up to a thousand dollars by doing extraordinary things. And the process of saving is what I want to share with my fellow Filipinos, especially those who want to travel but have a thousand excuses not to.

So the book is part personal / part how-to. It was written specifically for those who are part of the low income bracket but want to travel. But I also think that “the rich” can benefit from it.

  • Why are the LOW INCOME folks my target audience?

As mentioned, I want to give back. And I want to give back by helping those who also want to fulfill their dreams (be it travel or whatever). My way of helping the society is by making travel accessible to ANYONE. It has changed my life in so many ways, and I want the rest who doubt their place in life because of what they earn to find beauty in traveling as well.


So right now, I’m still thinking about how I should promote my book. I’ve already created a website (which is still under construction) exclusively for it and I also plan to use social networking sites to spread the word. I have yet to study how I should publish it but I have already received a lot of help from friends and loved ones – from insights to words of encouragement.

This process may take a year to complete but here’s my to do list:

  1. Wait for the review and foreword of my favorite Filipino writer who agreed to read my manuscript
  2. Work with the book designer (got her!) and graphic designer (have the guy) for my promotional materials – and use them hopefully without inhibitions (I know I know!)
  3. Get in touch with a publisher / or publish it independently

Finally, I would like to reveal the title of my book. It’s close to my heart because it speaks of my identity as a Filipino. The title is :


So I hope you, my good reader, will help me spread the word.

That’s it for now. More details soon including the book cover courtesy of my talented friend and graphic artist, Myish Endonila.

UPDATE: May 10, 2013
Please check the official website of The 3rd World Traveler Book

UPDATE: June 20,2013
Found a publisher! Target release: 4th quarter of 2013

10 thoughts on “The Book

  1. So proud of you part! Cmooon! I couldn’t seem to find the like button or its just not working as of the mo so here goes my contribution of moral support. Rock on!

  2. Your book is brilliant! BRILLIANT! I tell ya! Many are in dire need of an encouragement like that of yours to fulfill their travel fantasies (myself included). I will help you promote–blog about your book, make chismis to my friends about it, and just blurt it out every 5 seconds. Yes, I’m your fan. LOL

    And I beg to disagree…no, you’re not an introvert! BWAHAHAAHHA

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