Hometown Glory: Bacolod City

“Round my hometown, memories are fresh
Round my hometown, the people I’ve met
Are the wonders of my world…”
Hometown Glory by Adele

I love Bacolod City. Why? Because it’s the total opposite of Metro Manila where I currently live: fresh air, no traffic, simple and laid-back life.

And of course, Bacolod will always be home for me because it’s where I was born and where I spent the first 16 years of my life.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to fly home to visit my ailing mother. Though I spent most of my time with my mom, I was also able to do the things I love when I’m home. One is, of course, visiting the “countryside”.

I went to Sum-ag, which is about 15 minutes from the city center. Known as the “Southern Gateway of Bacolod”, Sum-ag boasts of vast, rustic farmlands. I, along with my dad and niece, visited a farm for a little peace and quiet and that’s exactly what we got. On the way home, we managed to catch the sunset over the prairies. It was magical and a great way to end our day.

bacolod city negros occidental, bacolod farm

sumag bacolod, sum-ag negros

Another activity that I NEVER miss whenever I’m in Bacolod is eating the famous chicken inasal (roasted chicken). And I always choose the best place in Bacolod for it: Chicken House.

I love the inasal at Chicken House because it is juicy, well marinated – totally eliminating that “bile” after-taste you get if you eat raw chicken meat – and not too sweet.

There are many inasal establishments in Bacolod but for me, Chicken House is the best. The chicken dish, usually ordered with a cup of garlic rice and a small bottle of soda, is also inexpensive.

bacolod chicken inasal, chicken inasal of bacolod

Bacolod, aside from its chicken inasal and bucolic surroundings, has much more to offer. So keep an open mind when you’re there. And of course, the people are very friendly. I guess that’s how it is when you live in a simple environment. I can’t wait to go back home again.

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