“I’m Quitting My Job To Follow My Dreams”

I have not blogged for more than a week now because I went on a little “Food Quest”. I’ve never traveled this way before – going to a different place just to experience the food. But I tried it because they say that the best way to know a city or a country is to taste its food. So I visited Penang, Malaysia and Cebu City, Philippines. I will write more about my experiences soon but before that, I’d like to tell you about a recent change.

I never thought I’d say it. I never thought I’d quit my job to follow my dreams. But two weeks from now, I will be saying goodbye to the company I’ve been with for 3 years and 4 months so I can travel more next year and get involved in things that I love.

I actually did not expect to quit my job this soon, but the entire process pissed me off. I’m a copywriter and I entered the company as a copywriter. But now they’re “upgrading” me, training me to be graphic designer / call center agent because copywriting jobs are out.

I understand that businesses progress, but I don’t like the idea that you have to force an employee to do something that’s way out of her or his field. It’s like asking a doctor to handle a corporate law case. I guess it’s okay to be molded into something that will help you develop your skills but I didn’t study literature to create a website logo and I sure as hell did not study literature to answer phone calls.

I know that quitting this job is risky but I’m determined to follow whatever my heart tells me to do. Money may not come in easily but at least I’m doing something I love and not something I’m going to regret for the rest of my life.

So July 26 is my last day at work. Afterwards, I’m not sure where I’ll go — I may get a temporary copywriting job just to do something or work in a guesthouse (to be honest, I hate being idle). But in February of 2014, I will leave the Philippines to travel indefinitely.

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23 thoughts on ““I’m Quitting My Job To Follow My Dreams”

  1. ‘I didn’t study literature to create a website logo’ – that says it all for me. It’s wonderful that you are following your dreams (even if it isn’t to your desired timescale). And sometimes we need a slight nudge to do what we want to do.

    Very exciting for you! :o))

  2. I’m so happy you made the decision to follow your dreams and quit something that’s holding you back. 😉 All out support ako sayo!

    Relish the whole experience and it’s going to be exciting, different, and wonderful from hereon for you. 😉

    • Thanks! I know, I have to get away from the corpo muna for a year or more. It destroyed my spirit after 10 years of working for the big guns. Pahinga pahinga at mag-alaga ng kambing o tuta, o magtanim ng tulips? hehehe

  3. Visit Ubud Rics. . .it feels like a whole new world. U might want living there someday. For me it’s like Shangrila!
    I am happy to read stories like yours.

  4. goodluck Rica.. not everybody has that luxury to follow one’s heart 🙂 Goodluck on your travels 🙂 ( Not sure if you still remember me 🙂 hehehehe)

    • Uy grabe naman Bheng…I will never forget you! SUS hehehehe thank you thank you. Your encouraging words inspire me as well. THANK YOU once again 🙂

  5. Nakikitambay lang ako sa blog mo. and I happen to read another one that exactly describes to another Department here, the Managers are trying to integrate them with us. I bet this is exactly what they feel “I understand that businesses progress, but I don’t like the idea that you have to force an employee to do something that’s way out of her or his field. It’s like asking a doctor to handle a corporate law case.”

    • Most businesses don’t really care about what their employees feel and I don’t think we can change that because a business is a business…it really is up to us to make the decision in the end. Thank you for dropping by, by the way 🙂

  6. Oh same here. My last day is on Feb 28. I quit because I need to give time to the things I love – travel and writing. Plus, I have a thesis to finish which will eventually be my ticket to live in another country. Happy to know that someone like you exist in Philippines. 🙂

  7. hi, just read your blog, and it something very inspiring.. im happy for you that you are on your way to your dreams.. i wish i can do that as well 😦

    • hey there. i know it’s difficult. i was not in this position 4 years ago. maybe because i was too attached to my comfort zone even if i was already traveling then. i also had SO many problems (well, I still do have problems..a Lot!). But I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone, accept my problems and follow my heart. I know it’s cliche but things will go your way as long as you believe in what you do.

      don’t worry, your time will come. i also believe that happiness is not just about traveling the world. it’s also about being loved, or having your family with you, or having a child. As they say, “sit still and let contentment come to you”…once you do, you’ll find your happiness.


  8. Very inspiring! I’ve also quit my job recently to focus more on myself, and of course, to travel more. Two weeks of vacation leaves per year just won’t cut it anymore. :/

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