One Week Budget For Malaysia

I hate it when people tell me that I’m rich that’s why I can afford to travel. For me, it is the most absurd comment coming from people who actually:

a.  Earn more than I do

b.  Can spend 15k in Boracay for a 3 day / 2 night vacation

c.  Can buy a very nice cellphone or laptop

When I went to Malaysia, I had a nice paying job. But I also had a responsibility, which has not allowed me for the past 3 years to buy a new laptop or even a car. It only means that, like you, I don’t just use the money I earn to travel. I also pay my bills, buy my groceries, etc. BUT! I do save something in order for me to afford this lifestyle.

Since I don’t want any of you, my readers, to keep telling yourself that you cannot travel because you don’t have money, let me share with you this fact:

My expenses when I was in Malaysia:

Plane ticket (roundtrip): 2,600 (promo from Air Asia)

Travel Tax (Clark Airport): 1,620

Bus Manila (Cubao) – Clark: 280

Dau Terminal Roundtrip: 100

Hostel: 6 nights: 180 Ringgit = 2,403.17

Food:  average of 15 Ringgit per day / x 7 = 105 Ringgit = 1,401.85

Transportation (Bus rides, trishaw) = 100 Ringgit / 1,337.54

Miscellaneous = 100 Ringgit / 1,337.54

TOTAL Pesos 11080.1 =  $255

*Computation based on August 12, 2013 Currency conversion

It took me 6 months to save money for this one week adventure. How did I determine this budget? RESEARCH. And how did I save money? First, I will round off the above amount to 12,000 to make the computation easier. So if I saved for 6 months, then I saved about 2,000php per month. This means I only saved 1,000php per payday. I’m sure most of us can save a thousand per payday, right?

It was fairly easy to do this – to travel to Malaysia – because I made it my priority to save a thousand pesos every payday.

So if you earn 20,000/month or let’s just say, you earn 7,000 per salary, you can keep that one thousand every payday and see it grow so you can travel to your favorite destination.

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5 thoughts on “One Week Budget For Malaysia

  1. holi shit! This is like some sort of wizardry. This is magic. You’re like some sort of mage which just gave me the key to that cave where my dreams are trapped and sleeping. And now I can wake them. Yahoo!

  2. Your post is a fine example of the age-old adage that says, “where there is a wall, there is a way.” If one is passionate about traveling, no matter whether the person is rich or not, he or she will surely follow it. I am wondering where you did your research, found a budget hotel, and food. Though it hurts to read that you had to spend six-month of your earnings for this one-week adventure, your passion for traveling is a worth a lesson to take from. And yes! I believe the expenses you incurred in 2013 will not be the same given the inflation that rises each year.

    • Hi! I just googled, booked through Hostel bookers and asked locals where to eat when I was there. I also walked a lot, and it led me to a bunch of good restaurants. Thanks for your kind words . I do agree that if there’s a will, there’s a way.

  3. Thanks a lot for your tips. I would definitely implement them whenever I plan to visit Malaysia. And like you, I too am fond of walking. That’s the nice way to save on transportation while doing sightseeing as well as keeping fit.

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