My “Metallica Live In Singapore” Experience

One of my biggest dreams came true. The Ecstacy of Gold filled the air at Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore and it only meant one thing: Metallica’s playing.

For most fans, the thought of Metallica playing again in Southeast Asia is dubious. The last time they played here was in 1993. There were several reports in the past about Metallica playing in a few Southeast Asian cities again but it never happened. In fact, Metallica was scheduled to play in the Philippines in 2010, but a “BIG and POWERFUL organization” did not allow it. The story goes that Metallica chose a date but the organizers rejected the proposal because it would not benefit an already scheduled local concert.

So when the metal titans announced their 2013 Asian tour, 3 Southeast Asian countries got their wish. Unfortunately, the Philippines was not included. But as soon as the band announced that they will be playing in Singapore, I immediately booked my two-way ticket to the Lion City.

In front of 20,000-30,000 40,000 screaming fans (confirmed today) raising the Evil Eye, Metallica gave Singapore on August 24, 2013 a night to remember: 18 skull crushing songs, ranging from their first album “Kill ‘Em All” down to their latest “Death Magnetic”, that drove the Singapore crowd into a maddening frenzy.

The band blasted their way through “Hit The Lights”, their first song for the night, followed by the bludgeoning of Master of Puppets that nearly crushed my bones to smithereens.

Knowing that it was impossible for me to survive being squeezed in the middle of a hundred bodies wanting to get a closer look at the band, I helplessly made my way to the back where I found a spot that gave me a good view of the stage and the right musical landscape. Though I wanted to get decent snapshots of my idols, I was happy to be away from the chaos to relish the moment of being there….of finally seeing the band that I’ve been dying to see since I was 12 years old.

No life till leather! We are gonna kick some ass tonight!

metallica singapore
Metallica is one of the bands I grew up listening to. It is also one of the bands that made me a musician and one of the bands that changed my life. What used to be a ritual of drinking beer in front of the TV Set while watching “Live Shit: Binge & Purge”, “Cunning Stunts”, “S&M”, “Fran├žais Pour une Nuit” and “The Big Four: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria” finally became a reality that I didn’t want to end.

Lars Ulrich, the band’s drummer who influenced me to pick up the drumsticks, was surprisingly phenomenal. He’s not as technical and fast as other known drummers in the metal scene but he was the epitome of perfection that night.

Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich

Kirk Hammett’s lead guitar slaying was jaw-dropping and so was Robert Trujillo’s fiery bass work that definitely gave justice to the late Cliff Burton and of course, Jason Newsted. And there was James Hetfield, the charismatic lead singer / rhythm guitarist whose delivery of powerful songs such as “One” and “Fade to Black” put a stamp on his legacy as one of the world’s most outstanding metal musicians.

After 2 hours of intense metal performance, Metallica ended the concert with their classic “Seek & Destroy”, letting out a memorable “Scanning the scene in SINGAPORE tonight” and driving every present fan crazy.

I flew to Singapore and only spent 3 days there just to see Metallica, and there’s not one moment of regret. I’ll cherish this experience forever.

Metallica with the Singapore flag

Metallica with the Singapore flag

Happy fan

Happy fan

Set List:

Hit the Lights
Master of Puppets
The Shortest Straw
Ride the Lightning
Fade to Black
The Memory Remains
Broken, Beat & Scarred
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad But True
…And Justice for All
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Creeping Death
Seek & Destroy

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