Borobudur Morning

Ask any Indonesian and they’ll tell you that the best time to experience Borobudur is at sunrise. But my budget wasn’t enough for the sunrise tour, so I took a cheaper ride that left Jogjakarta City proper at 5am and arrived at the site an hour later.

Fortunately for me, the sky was lidded with clouds that day so not even a sunrise tour could get anyone a National Geographic photo. So I’m glad that I paid less for a tour that managed to take me to the site on time to capture what I think is an “acceptable” (I’m humble, yes) shot of the 9th-century Buddhist temple.

More than anything, this photo shows what it’s like to be on top of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Borobudur. From this view, you can see the terrain of Mount Merapi, the morning mist, and the surrounding vegetation.

Borobudur, Borobudur temple indonesia
Not all plans work out but I’m glad that I got to X this off my 2014 travel plan. 🙂

How I went to Borobudur:
1. I sought assistance from one of the tour companies in Jogjakarta. Most of them offer the same price (475,000 IDR) for a tour of Borobudur and Prambanan with free breakfast (tickets, pickup and drop-off included). Reliable tour companies are along Sosrowijayan St., near the famous Malioboro. You can also go to the temple on your own using a motorbike if you have all the time in the world.

This photo may not be perfect but if you plan to use it, please contact me first. Okay? It won’t hurt to email me. Thanks!

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