BaliSpirit Yoga Festival 2014

It’s difficult to express in words what I felt right after the BaliSpirit Yoga Festival ended at 2 in the morning of March 23. Though I had to fight off the hostile stray dogs that roamed Ubud’s ill-lit streets as I headed back to my guest house, the energy that sprang forth from the hundreds of attendees entranced by the blissful music resonated within me that when I finally lay in my bed, I felt nothing but the presence of a smiling Buddha sitting on a yoga mat.

Donning proudly my Metallica Asia 2013 tour shirt, I arrived at the Agung Rai Museum of Arton on the festival’s last night, with little to no expectations besides having a good time. Little did I know that the experience would actually alter my somewhat immature perception towards music in general and introduce me to the power of human solidarity.

The BaliSpirit Yoga festival was a gathering of global souls; the main attractions were the musicians blessed with the ingenuity to commune with the gods – the last night featured Nosstress (Bali), Peia (USA), Garden Underground, Dustin Thomas (USA), and Xavier Rudd (Australia).

On the other end of the spectrum stood the followers: the Bodhisattvas, the yogists, the hippies, the pseudo-monks, the vegans, the nomads, the painters, the dancers, me.

And when the music started, we all flew as we listened.

bali spirit festival

World music at its finest from Garden Underground


Dustin Thomas

Dustin Thomas


balispirit festival ubud

Every artist on the bill gave an uplifting performance. Peia serenaded us with soulful tunes glorifying mother earth while Dustin Thomas gave a loud battle cry for love and peace that echoed throughout the island.

And when Xavier Rudd closed out the festival with Spirit Bird, we all kept his message close to our hearts:

Soldier on soldier on my good country man, keep fighting for your children now keep fighting for your land.

Multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd


The enchanting Peia

The enchanting Peia

The BaliSpirit Yoga Festival is a form of spiritual exaltation and a celebration of diversity, solidarity and LIFE. It’s a meaningful festival that embraces peace, love and light. It offers no room for the wicked; no line between colors, nations, tongues, and beliefs.

As a spectator, I had nothing but praise for what I’ve experienced. Though it’s never easy to become whole or to reach the pinnacle of enlightenment, a little reminder of how beautiful this life is can definitely help us shift our negative perspective and turn it into something that radiates positivity.

And Baba Kauna, the jovial host and the symbol of love for the night, reminded us of our mission in the end when he said, “when you walk out of here, carry the message of love wherever you go…”.

See you next year!

More photos:

The local Balinese band Nosstress

The local Balinese band Nosstress


The indomitable Baba Kauna

The indomitable Baba Kauna


xavier rudd balispirit festival


Visit the Official BaliSpirit Yoga Festival website


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