You may think that at this point in time, I’d be gallivanting in Southeast Asia or lying in a wooden cot and waking up to hundreds of gnarly insect bites in the mountains of Thailand. Well, that was the initial plan. I wanted to get away, head West, and disappear – literally. But I guess, God had other plans and He put me in an airplane that passed through a number of time zones in a span of 18 hours.

3 meals and countless times of inflight flatulence later, I arrived in Canada and I’m currently typing this blog post in a suburb minutes away from downtown Toronto.

So, what the hell am I doing here?

A week after I received the devastating news that my volunteer job in Thailand got cancelled, my sister told me to accompany my niece to Canada (when God closes the door, He opens a window). Of course I said yes, which is the reason why I had to cut my Sri Lanka and Indonesia trip short. After fixing my tourist visa (which took a month!), I’m finally here…

My First Impression

Right now, it’s summer but it can be cold at night. I certainly would not be “templed-out” as they say in Southeast Asia, and there are definitely no “isaws” or “kwek-kweks” for miles around here. There are too many maple trees, pine trees, summer sale posters, and Tim Hortons. And I will be here for the next 3 months or so to discover and explore places or indulge in extraordinary activities with my niece including the “we will scream like high school girls” at the Toronto Film Festival red carpet shindig.

When you say Canada, a few things come to mind but for now, here are 2 photos, which for me, best represent this country:

cn tower toronto

CN Tower


Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame


And….because I just have to post this (not that I’m a fan):


Me and my obligatory tourist photo

Me and my obligatory tourist photo

So that’s it for now. Have you been to Canada? If yes, please give me a good list of what to do here aside from screaming like a high school girl at the Toronto Film Fest.


2 thoughts on “Canada

    • Hey! I believe that as long as you have the money and guarantee the embassy that you’re coming back or you have something to go back to, then you may just get a Visa. All the best!

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