“Just Go”: My BDJ Rendezvous – Woman with Vision Talk

Last January, Viviamo! Inc., the creators of the Belle De Jour Power Planner, contacted me to be one of their guest speakers at the BDJ Rendezvous event called “Woman with Vision”. I immediately said yes to the invitation, knowing that I’d be sharing not only the stage with a group of inspiring women but also my passion with the wonderful BDJ girls known as “bellas”.

The event happened on Feb 20, 2016 and I spoke in front of 100-150 bellas about my travels and how one can “harness the power within through traveling”. The title of my talk was “JUST GO”, an affirmation of being a bold solo-female traveler.

Though I shared a few solo travel mishap stories, I emphasized more on the positive transformation that happens when one starts traveling. I also gave a few important points on saving money to travel and staying safe while traveling solo as a woman such as respecting the culture by wearing appropriate clothes, avoiding solo night trips, avoiding eye contact with the opposite sex (apparently an indication of desire in some countries), and updating your family on your whereabouts (it ain’t cool when your parents start worrying :).

bdj patricia yulo

But there’s more to JUST GO than being a strong and open-minded traveler exploring the world. JUST GO is also about being true to yourself and knowing that the best journey happens within.

Once again, I would like to thank Viviamo! Inc. and the amazing BDJ team for inviting me to this wonderful event. A big SHOUT OUT as well to the following great speakers:

Omehra Sigahne – Life coach and Pinay.com publisher

Lianne Martha Laroya – Author of the book “OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go?”, licensed financial advisor and certified investment solicitor

Cecilia Schrijver – Certified Coach and Managing Partner of Business Hat, Inc.

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Till next time!


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