Looking Back Photo Series: Greens and Blues (Philippines)

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” is a quote by Susan Sontag, an American writer and filmmaker. It basically sums up how I feel about traveling in and around the Philippines, my home country. And it rings true because I haven’t been to many places in the Philippines, but I would love to explore all of them soon.

Pictures below show the places I’ve been to so far and the “kodak moments” that come with my experiences of being in those places.

coron, philippines

Sons of the sea: Coron, Palawan


rice terraces, philippines

Stairway to heaven: Hungduan Rice Terraces (Ifugao Province)



Fire in the sky: Bolinao, Pangasinan


Home of a Legend: Buscalan, Kalinga

it's more fun in the philippines

Lake of Dreams: Cavinti, Laguna


Home: Tappiya Waterfalls , Batad, Ifugao Province

philippines rice terraces

Green Paradise: Hapao Rice Terraces (Ifugao Province)

philippine sea

Somewhere beyond the sea: Batangas Bay


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