The Lost in Translation Experience at Park Hyatt Tokyo

I consider Sofia Coppola’s “Lost In Translation” as my most favorite movie of all time. For those who are not familiar, the story is about two lonely Americans in Tokyo who develop a unique friendship.

Bill Murray plays the aging actor named “Bob” who flew to the city to shoot a commercial. Along the way, he meets “Charlotte”, played by Scarlet Johansson, the wife of a busy photographer.

Their iconic meeting is set at the New York Bar of the Park Hyatt hotel, which is located at the Shinjuku area of Tokyo.

A clip from Lost in Translation

As a fan who had the opportunity to visit Tokyo, it was my main mission to have a drink at the New York Bar of Park Hyatt, similar to what Bob and Charlotte did in the movie.

Here’s how it went:

I was with my niece and nephew and we took a taxi from Shinjuku station because it was drizzling that night. The cost was about 1000 Yen. Those who prefer to walk may do so, and it will take around 12 minutes from the station to the hotel.

New York Bar is on the 52nd floor of Park Hyatt. If you want to get in for free, you have to be there before 8pm, otherwise, a cover charge of 2,500 Yen (exclusive of drinks) will be applied.

New York bar tokyo, new york bar

When I entered New York Bar, I did not expect the area to be small, but the long table lamps, as shown in the movie, were still there.

A clip from the movie

new york bar lost in translation

My photo

I wanted to order exactly what Bob and Charlotte ordered – Suntory whiskey and vodka tonic respectively – but I figured they were too expensive even if I didn’t see the items on the menu. So, I settled for something affordable: a Suntory beer, which was only 1,300 Yen. Drinks came with free peanuts.

There was a jazz band that night and it reminded me of the jazz band that also played in the movie. Here’s a short clip:

A female singer came along afterward and I was asked by one of the servers to stop filming, which was a good move because it made me enjoy the experience more.

Aside from channeling my inner Bob and Charlotte at the bar, I also tried my acting skills at the elevator lobby on the 41st floor where Charlotte said goodbye to Bob.

We left the hotel buying only one drink each because it was just too expensive. The experience, however, was priceless.

So, here’s my advice to Lost in Translation fans who have yet to experience this: go for it! You’ll never regret it.


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