The 3rd World Traveler Book

In 2011, I only had approximately PHP 5,000 (around $100) in my bank account. But after a year of saving and sacrifice, I was able to tick a few countries off my travel bucket list.

My first book, The 3rd World Traveler: A Guide to Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams on a Shoestring Budget, will tell you everything you need to know so you can also achieve your travel goals. You will be given the right resources and information to help you understand your priorities, determine your travel budget and create your travel fund.

It is a fact that living in a third world country can present tough challenges. But I want you to know that anyone with sheer determination and commitment can also fulfill their travel dreams. And you don’t have to be rich to do it.

The 3rd World Traveler is now SOLD OUT in all National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches.

Please email me at to get a copy. As of 2018, books are sold at 350+ shipping. 

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